Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding

621 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, TN 37209
Behind Sonics and across from Sam's Club

Make your best friend happy with a visit to Ruff Dog Daycare. We provide a fun & safe off-leash Dog Daycare environment for dogs of all sizes and breeds to socialize. Ruff Dogs are placed by size and energy level which allows them to exercise and mingle in a way that is most natural for them. After a fun day of romping, playing and napping at Ruff, your pup will come home happy and relaxed, which means a better behaved dog at home.

Unlike other facilities, our program involves more than all day play for your pup. Our certified supervisors focus not only on keeping your dog physically stimulated and enjoying plenty of healthy playtime all day long, but also give attention to all dogs mental rousing by working group activities throughout the day to establish polite dog mannerisms and to reinforce obedience tricks and commands.

Our program is exclusive to well-socialized and well-behaved dogs who pass a trial day before being admitted to our team, keeping our program safe and enjoyable for all of our visitors. Your dog will enjoy the benefits of all day engagement, increased development with listening and obedience, and increased confidence when it comes to meeting and interacting with other dogs, giving all visitors a doggone great day!