Dog Daycare

Ruff Dog puts your dog’s health, happiness and safety first.  Our playgroups are separated by size, age and play style and our dogs enjoy more than just off-leash play while they are with us. Ruff Dog’s playgroup leaders create a force-free and positive environment by not only encouraging healthy play and social interactions between dogs but also facilitate a multitude of brain games by practicing basic obedience cues with the group and each dog individually (rewarded with treats), acknowledging and praising any good behavior, and engaging the dogs with mental activities. Because of our activity list, Ruff Dog is best suited for dogs that already have social group play experience and an understanding of their basic obedience cues.

All dogs are required to pass a scheduled trial day before joining the Ruff family. We require a trial day to keep our program safe and enjoyable for all of our visitors. Those that enjoy our program will reap the benefits of structured daily engagement, increased development with listening and obedience, and increased confidence when it comes to meeting and interacting with other dogs, giving all visitors a RUFFing great day! Contact us to schedule your pup’s trial day!